March 1, 2017 Health 0

The day that happens, you could be getting quite a shock. Because, after all, you are not exactly what they would call the promiscuous type. No further details are required to outline this analogy. But then again, perhaps it would be a responsible thing to do at this point of time. While herpes can, but rarely, affect anyone, it is most commonly associated with a person who has multiple sexual partners. But that’s not the only thing.

These folks, habitually driven to carry out their above-average sex drives, are inherently unclean both figuratively and literally. They tend to take the amoral side of life which means, of course, they are able to act in a distant sort of way when they are intimate with someone. But more seriously, there is scant disregard for the other person’s hygiene, never mind their own. They are rolling in the hay, if you will, in a very unclean and sometimes dangerous environment.

The environment is dangerous because these guys and girls with multiple sex partners and without regarding their hygiene are far more susceptible to more serious sexually transmitted diseases than others just like you. But not even you or your kids are immune to herpes. It can happen quite by chance and when you least expect it. It could happen in the kids’ school cloakroom. The answer to this article’s heading is quite simple, really.

You seek immediate help from your general practitioner. Once the disease has been properly diagnosed, your GP could set you on a course of oral herpes medication as the case may be. While it could be a lifelong disease, it could also just be something as mild as the common cold.