March 1, 2017 Alcohol License 0

When it comes to operating a business in the state of Texas, especially when it is related to the restaurant industry, it is really important to get all the required licenses before you open. And one of the licenses that becomes really important when you are dealing with the restaurant business is the one that allows you to serve alcohol – the TABC license. Without this type of license, a restaurant is really not able to serve alcohol to their customers, whether it is beer or something stronger. So it is really important to get this squared away.

What can happen if you do not get the license in time? The fact is that you have to engage in proper planning if you are going to ensure that you are not in any trouble where this license is concerned. For instance, if you are opening in the summer, you should really not be putting off your issues with the license until the spring. Yes, you can still get the license in time and you will be able to open without any issues. But we would really say that you need to plan this in advance. Make sure it is all done in time.

If you do not get your license on time, you are going to have to open without the ability to serve alcohol, or you will need to delay your opening. Neither of these things makes much sense for a new restaurant. If you delay your opening, it means you are putting off the money you could be making, and you will have to keep up the marketing campaign that you are putting together to generate buzz for your company. All in all, it is not the best idea. So make sure you do not put anything in jeopardy. Get the license sorted as soon as possible!